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Protest against any type of injustice, claiming right what local and international constitutions decreed is one of Human Right,  WHAT type of protest EICS acknowledge and support?, which does not create situation that make social peace of the society at compromising stage, Law & Order not be disturbed. For monitoring purpose of such acts, EICS constituted its internal Diplomatic Council comprises at EICS Volunteers / Designated in 92 countries.

European Institute of Communities Services The Hague

The EICS is European inter-governmental organization governed through independent autonomous body, and Board of Executive Directors, it maintaining headquarter in the Hague the Netherlands, with representative embassies in 87 countries world over.
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Fact-finding missions

Commission of Inquiry on Human Right in Eritrea
Commission of Inquiry on Human Right in the Democratic People? Republic of Korea
Commission of Inquiry on Syria

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The EICS, European Institute of Communities Services besides its major manifesto,it works on religious freedom of minorities in the world, their political stability, easily accessible social & judicial justice, fair Law Enforcement, social uplifting and humanitarian well-being etc. The EICS provides diversified help and support against unemployment, sustainable shelter, cost effective education and health facilities to all non-EU countries, such support and help only offered with close collation of local authorities under international / European monitoring and vigilance policies... - More...

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Second priority of the EICS is Education & Employment And women empowerment that addressing rapid growth of unemployment, unskilled academic education.

Rightly arresting shortages of fundamental humanitarian needs Bread & Shelter EICS through its subsidized organization the ICHD arranges professional training for unemployed educated youths such training ranging from Car Driving till Professional Education of Marketing, Publicity, Promotional Campaign, Computers Operation, Office Managerial / Administrative skill development, scholarship for professional diploma education etc. Such as trainings ICHD provide on gender equality bases under charter of UNO and European International Treaties. The person awarded foreign scholarship for higher education will not be eligible to avail such facilities. - Learn More